Kristin and Danny Adams are entertainers, content creators, public speakers and viral sensations who, according to Indianapolis Monthly Magazine, are "taking your co-worker's YouTube break by storm." Passionate about God and family, K & D post new videos every Friday that are fun and entertaining for people of all ages.  They launched their social channels in June of 2015, and already their #LaughterIsTheBestMedicine online community has grown to over 900,000 people.  

Kristin first burst onto TV screens when she sang her way to the top 30 finalists in the first season of Fox's "American Idol."  She then returned as a co-host and special correspondent on the second season of the show, helping her launch a successful hosting career.  This Texas native and former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader has represented global brands like Samsung and AT&T, interviewed A-list celebrities such as Conan 0'Brien and Will Smith, and made a name for herself in videogame culture on the G4TV network with her long-term gig on "X-Play", "Cheat", and "Attack of the Show."  She is a TCU cum laude graduate, loves coffee, chocolate and homeschooling their two children, Harper (6) and Holt (4).  (You can view highlights from Kristin's hosting work here,

Danny is a talented comedian raised in the inner city of Indianapolis, IN.  His career began at a young age when his parents recognized his knack to incite laughter would be a great asset to the family road act, performing in various cities throughout the Midwest.  In addition to sharing the stage with his family, Danny played football as a quarterback in the European Professional League, after graduating from Olivet Nazarene University where he was a 2x Football All-American.  After college and a cross-country move to California, his vision to incorporate the many ideas inspired by family performances over the years came to pass, culminating into a one-man sketch show, "ATypical Christmas With Danny Adams."  

One of Kristin and Danny's greatest joys in life is working together as a team - when they aren't making videos, they are hosting live events or performing their "Laughter Is The Best Medicine" program across the country.  Be sure to check out the BOOK US page for more information.