We've officially reaching that point where we look back at our wedding photos and say, "Wow, look at those two!  They're just a couple of crazy kids!"

You know, we wish we had some epic anniversary celebrations to share, but the day wasn't filled with a candlelight dinner or a romantic walk on the beach, a night out on the town or fancy gifts.

No, no...it was just another ordinary day complete with errands, household chores, schoolwork, conference calls, emails, dishes, laundry, spills, teachable moments, and every other everyday thing in between.  And you know what?

We wouldn't change a thing.

Because in our 9 years of marriage we have learned that the sum total of marriage isn't in the big celebrations or epic events - it's in the everyday, ordinary moments where life is truly lived and lasting bonds are forged.

IT'S IN THE EVERYDAY MOMENTS that you learn to love what must be done - those hard and difficult things that aren't always fun, but necessary if you want a marriage that is sanctifying, for your good and for His glory.

IT'S IN THE EVERYDAY MOMENTS that you can experience the privilege of being used as an instrument of God's grace in the life of another, a vessel of healing and honor.

IT'S IN THE EVERYDAY MOMENTS that your heart is exposed and who you really are is revealed - and to be able to share hard personal growth and intense vulnerability with another person is truly a blessed privilege.

So, with that being said, here's to the future - not knowing exactly what it holds, but sure of Who holds it - from the epic events to the everyday moments - we're ride or die, and can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

And hey, all you marriages out there who are experiencing the ups and downs of the everyday moments alongside us - keep going, don't stop, humble yourself, choose to love even when's it's hard, and ENJOY THE JOURNEY.

xo, K